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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines at just gone 6:30pm. boots, the chemist, said it is truly sorry for its response to calls to cut the cost of one of its morning after pills. the company faced criticism after saying it wanted to avoid incentivising inappropriate use of the pills. president trump's former press secretary sean spicer plays down talk of a divide in the white house administration following his resignation. councils in england say that they have to find temporary accommodation for more than 900 children every month as more families are becoming homeless. and airline pilots have welcomed government plans to introduce a registration system for privately owned drones. it follows growing concern about the risk they pose to aircraft. time to cross for the sport at the
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bbc sport centre, it's time for sportsday. hello and welcome to sportsday with me, olly foster and jessica creighton. hello there, these are our headlines this evening. it's va va froome! the british rider has stretched his lead and will win the tour de france tomorrow. amazing grace! royal birkdale witnesses a major record but spieth is still two shots clear in the open. it's been an eight year wait but tom daley is on top of the world again. and there's a record medal haul for great britain's pa ra—athletes at the world championships. i will be here at the london stadium looking ahead to this evening's action as kadeena cox goes for her third medal of these championships. also coming up in the programme — we'll get the latest from england's cricketers as they prepare for the women's world cup final against india.
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and we'll also hear from the england and scotland women's football teams as they get ready for their second group games at the european championship. welcome along to the bbc sport centre, so many great stories today, news of a historic day at the open coming up, but we are going to start with cycling, because great britian‘s chris froome is going to win his fourth tour de france title. we had a cracking debate about what we we re we had a cracking debate about what we were going to lead with! it will be the third year in a row that he has hit the champs elysess in the yellowjersey and it comes after he safely negotiated the penultimate stage, a time trial in marseille and he has stretched his lead. let's speak to our correspondent richard conway, who's in paris.
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richard he hasn't won a stage over the past three weeks but he has been pushed all the way. he has, you are right. these time trials are known as the race of truth for a reason. we have an a nswer truth for a reason. we have an answer as to who will emerge in paris tomorrow in the yellowjersey, an emphatic display in the end from chris froome, showing... putting his rivals to the sword. as drew savage reports, you can see why he has that dominant position and why he will be on the streets tomorrow wearing yellow. he's been pushed harder than ever before, but after three weeks, chris froome can finally drink to success. his final test on the streets of marseilles, very little margin for error era, columbia's rigoberto uran 20 seconds behind. they hope to romain bardet could make up the seconds and claim a victory for france but chris froome has two
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olympic time trial bronze medals to his name and he was flying. poland set the fastest time on the stage but the defending champion just needed to stay ahead of his rivals. rigoberto uran wrote himself into second place but any hopes he had a challenging chris froome forfirst ended near the finish. romain bardet struggled, coming within a whisker of losing third place, hanging onto his spot on the podium byjust one second. the fourth tour de france was chris froome‘s for the taking, he missed out on a stage win by six seconds but was satisfied taking his place on the top step, knowing that he will be wearing yellow in paris. drew savage, bbc news. as is traditional, that will be a procession on the streets up the champs—elysees, a slightly different dynamic li—team sky this year as they have had troubles since chris froome last won ed, have they given a reaction as to what the win will mean this year? there is quite a
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contrast, on the streets, in the build—up, they will be sipping champagne tomorrow, it has been a difficult yearfor them, champagne tomorrow, it has been a difficult yearforthem, sir champagne tomorrow, it has been a difficult year for them, sir dave brailsford, the team principal, hasn't exactly put himself forward to the media over the last three weeks and when he has done, he's been quite aggressive, falling out with a few other members. he spoke today and has spoken of the difficulties faced within the tour. he talked about how close a race it has been, the organisers wanted this to bea has been, the organisers wanted this to be a closer and tighter tour de france. they got their wishes as dave bra ilsford france. they got their wishes as dave brailsford now reflects. we set out to be one of the best pro cycling teams in the world, to inspire bike riding and grow the sport, really contributing to sport is not only in britain but globally. we would like to continue to do that. it is nice to win but equally you cannot rest on your laurels, you think, where do we go next? what do we do next year? but it's all about
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tomorrow and enjoying the moment. it wasn'tjust the men's race that was decided today..... the women's race came to a conclusion as well, in marseille. it was won by anna van vleuten, she suffered a terrible crash at the olympic games, better times for her here this week, winning today. britain's lizzie dein and pushed anna van vleuten close, bert it was the dutch rider who prevailed. the women's race finishing today and tomorrow, we get the men's race in paris concluding with the procession, of course, it will be a battle for the stage win among the sprinters, the glory of winning on the chance to and chris froome, come the chance to and chris froome, come the end of the race, in three weeks
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it will be him on top of the podium arms aloft with his fourth tour de france title. richard conway live in paris there. olly foster now with the details of a record—breaking day at the open? yes, thank you. yesterday's news was all about the weather really and a masterclass from jordan spieth to top the leaderboard. blue skies at royal birkdale has seen some very low scoring, none lower in the history of men's major championship golf, than the 9—under, 62 from south africa's branden grace. let's cross live to the course and speak to our sports news correspondent andy swiss, andy, the birdies are going in left right and centre, but branden grace has really set the tone for the third round. he has, what a difference a day makes. yesterday, we had horrible
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conditions. high winds and heavy rain and today you can get anything more perfect for golf. early starters in particular took full advantage. a number of 65s, a 64 from dustinjohnson, and an incredible 62 by branden grace. a record—breaking 62, quite extraordinary. as for the leaders, rory mcilroy and ian poulter have had tough going over the last few hours but jordan had tough going over the last few hours butjordan spieth continues to lead the way as ben crouch reports. the calm after the storm, with friday's wind and rain blown away, but dell became benign, as branden grace demonstrated. his round of 69 was the lowest of any man at a championship. they teed off knowing that history was there for the taking. rory mcilroy looked in the mood, this was one of four birdies he made by the time he reached the ninth. but the round soon twisted, a
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double bogey at ten, no better off than when he started. ian? poulter had to push to become britain's first royal birkdale champion. chipping away, expecting low scoring but it never materialised. jordan spieth was the only player to shoot under par in his rounds, number three looked certainty, with the composure that comes after having majors and your belt. he got to nine under par, looking like the calmest man in the field. ben crouch, bbc news. a dramatic day here at royal birkdale but no doubting the star of the show earlier, branden grace with a record—breaking 62, eight birdies, quite remarkable. afterwards, what was even more remarkable was that he said he was not aware of what he achieved. i had no idea, they said congratulations and i thought it was a great round, not in the history
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books! they said, you are in the history books now, and i said, what are you talking about? it's great, it makes it even more special, and even better at the open. this is my eighth one, i think, and definitely one that i am liking so far. a history maker as he said, branden grace has put himself into the mix, rocketing up the leaderboard but of course the leaders are out there now, looking to make a as well? that's right, jordan spieth was two shots clear at the start of the day, he is still two shots clear. he is nine under after 13 holes, matt kuchar chasing hard, seven under after 13. a cluster of players with three shots further back on four under. branden grace, matsuyama, brooks? koepka, and on three under, dustinjohnson, henrik stenson, kim
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and connelly. rory mcilroy and ian porter, things have gone downhill for the pair. rory mcilroy is now two under, ian poulter one and. a lot to do through the closing holes and tomorrow if they are to keep their open title hopes alive. andy swiss, thanks for the update from the third round of the open. eight years after he first won an individual world title at the age ofjust 15, tom daley has won gold again in the same event — the ten metre platform at the world diving championships in budapest. in a really competitive final, daley led from the first round, but he was pushed all the way by the olympic champion, chen aye—sen of china. it all rested on daley‘s final dive, but he was awarded two maximum scores to secure a second world title. great britain's matthew lee finished 12th in his first appearance in a worlds final. it's been such a tough year, getting
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over that competition in rio where i was out of the final. and i wasn't able to compete and show my best diving. it was a tough competition out there, the olympic champion wasn't going to let me have it easily. i wanted to fight until the end. i really wanted to prove a point, go out and do the best i could. i was happy with how it turned out, with a personal best, i think they got the gold last year at the olympics come i'm over the moon. what was going through your mind in the final dive? the noise was incredible, a great dive was put down before you, the pressure was on? i saw the chinese divers cheering and i thought, yeah? you wa nt to cheering and i thought, yeah? you want to cheer loudly for that? ok, watch this. i went into, yeah, you do that? i will do it better. i went into a weird competitive mode i've never been in before. it was fun. so a great day for tom daley, especially as earlier today
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he and grace reid won a silver in the mixed three metre springboard final, with this their final dive — a forward three and half somersault in pike. both divers have had busy schedules competing in other events in these championships of course, and, afterwards, reid said the two hadn't had a chance to practise together all week. me and tom said beforehand that we would go in and have fun, see how we go. we haven't trained together in over a week. genuinely winging it, still not our personal bests but we are so pleased! it has been very surreal, i've had about five hours sleep. i don't know which way is up but it's a fantastic way of ending my first world championships. the diving there has come to an end but tomorrow it is the start of the swimming programme. olympic champion adam peaty will be defending two world titles. our olympic reporter nick hope went to meet him at a training camp in thailand? thailand is a peaceful part of the world, a place to play but also
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prepare... it is great to get different locations, especially around asia. in one camp you are in the same place and same accommodation, it gets easier and easierfor the team accommodation, it gets easier and easier for the team to bond. accommodation, it gets easier and easierfor the team to bond. you go to the olympics and you win, and people will always look up to you. i'm very blessed to be in this position. going around the world and inspiring the team that you can take on the rest of the world and take those titles. those tattooed since rio, tell us about them? the british lion, is very patriotic, that's me. i'm proud and strong. it reminds me what it took to get the olympic gold and the record. his life is unrecognisable to that of 12 months ago. the olympic gold made him a household name in the uk and even here, in remote highland. he is now known as one of the superstars of the sport, and arguably more
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motivated than ever. he aims to lower his 100 meter breaststroke world record of 57.13 seconds, that target has a title... project 50 six. that means pushing harder than i was before the olympics, sweating more, bleeding more in some cases. i achieved my lifetime dream but i wa nt to achieved my lifetime dream but i want to leave a legacy and break a world record again and eventually get down to where nobody will ever get. given his incredible achievements to date, few doubt that adam peaty has the potential. well let's move from paris to london now and bring you the latest from the world para athletics championships at the olympic park. it's the final weekend, there was another medal for great britain in the morning session and it was an important one. our reporter kate grey is there for us. it isa it is a very wet london stadium this evening, but it was glorious sunshine this morning, asjonathon broom—edwards took silver in the highjump. he broom—edwards took silver in the
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high jump. he had broom—edwards took silver in the highjump. he had to wait until day nine of the championships to get started, he could not wait to be in front of the home crowd as he did not get the chance to do so back in 2012. he couldn't beat the paralympic and world champion from poland, but he didn't seem too disheartened after the race. he thoroughly enjoyed catching up with the crowd and taking in the atmosphere. i caught up with him after his event. it was some experience out there. you know what? it is the best support i've had on the next stage in my career. i know it has been a steep learning curve since 2013 that it is unreal. a very busy evening for great britain, ten athletes in action and all eyes are likely to be on kadeena cox, back on the track following her impressive performance, winning bt 38 400 metres last night and beating the rest of the field by over five seconds, an impressive performance considering she's only been in action for three months, as she's
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been doing extracurricular activities. she got her gold medal this afternoon and will be going in the t 38100 metres this evening. she will have tough competition from her team—mate sophie hahn, who has won gold in the 200 metres here, making for a fascinating race. aled davies goes for his second championships in the shot put, the paralympic champion, world record holder and favourite to win the event. georgina hermitage goes in the t 37100 metres, she cruised across the line in the heats this morning, it did not seem she was putting too much effort in, she will wa nt to putting too much effort in, she will want to be back on the podium this evening going for the second gold of the championships. a lot to look forward to on the penultimate day of these championships. now let's look ahead to a big day for women's sport tomorrow. we'll get to the england and scotland football teams competing at the european championship in a moment, but first to england's cricketers who are in the world cup final. they take on india at lord's tomorrow in a match that sold out well before either
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team had qualified. england will be looking to lift the trophy for a fourth time, having last won it in 2009, but they lost to this indian side in their opening match of this tournament. henry moeran has been with the team today at a very wet lord's. england's preparations haven't been ideal here today, they haven't been able to have the full training session they hoped for due to the weather, across north london it's been raining for a couple of hours now but nonetheless they've been using the indoor nets here at the home of cricket. i spoke to mark robinson, the coach, earlier to get his thoughts ahead of the world cup final. we prepared well, talking about lords, we've been here twice previously to familiarise ourselves with the surroundings and everything. you've but it's very individual. we spoke about coping with pressure, it would be very individual and you
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never really know into you have the ball, and how it is coming out of the sky, things like that. getting to the battle and the game of cricket at the end of the day. it's a good game for the public, we know the impact it will have in india, getting women's cricket going in india will be a special thing, we have always said that we would grow as we went on, getting people into form. we've worked hard to do that, a better place, they will be in a good place having just achieved what they have done against australia. fortu nately, they have done against australia. fortunately, the forecast tomorrow is much better, with play getting underway at 10:30am tomorrow morning. a sell—out lords, 27,000 strong watching the women's world cup final between england and india. the weather has affected the t20 blast matches as well. alex hales kept up his impressive form in cou nty kept up his impressive form in county one day, smashing his way to 30, a lot to chase down the target
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of 196. the rain put a stop to the day of play. 12 ahead of that score. batting for five overs. let's turn our attention to the women's european championship that's taking place in the netherlands. england and scotland are both in group d and play their second matches of the tournament tomorrow. this is how the table looks at the moment. remember england thrashed scotland in the group opener so they're at the top with the scots down at the bottom. spain beat portugal 2—0 and sit in second place. and these are the group d fixtures tomorrow, with scotland taking on portugal in the day's early kick off, they really need a good result to keep their hopes alive. england play spain at 7.45 knowing a win would all but guarantee them a place in the quarterfinals. so let's get the latest from the england camp. our correspondent katie gornall is out with the team in the netherlands, as they prepare for tomorrow's game. england have just finished
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england havejust finished quite england have just finished quite an intense training session here in the sunshine at their base on the outskirts of the city. attention turning to their big game in the group with spain, they travel to breda for that game. england's fran kirby is with us. we built up lot of momentum with that win over scotland, 6—0. what has that when done those here in preparing for spain? it's made us excited, coming into a european championship we are all excited to get going but the result against scotland increases the buzz around the place. to be fair, everyone is motivated to keep pushing in that direction and hopefully get a big win against spain tomorrow. jody taylor stole the headlines with her hat—trick. you seem to have developed a really good understanding, the two of you? yes, we've played together in a few
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times with england and have always managed to get chances all get goals. we really enjoy playing together. she's a player who likes together. she's a player who likes to stretch in behind, i like to get into the pocket. it was a late run off the shoulder, i thought we may as well let this run—through. luckily it came off otherwise that would have looked silly! i really enjoyed playing withjodie and hopefully she enjoys playing with me as well. what is the competition like a monk strikers, do you have a mini league seeing who will finish as the top scorer? not really, everybody wants to win the tournament, no matter who gets the most goals or assists, the main thing is the gold medal around your neck. if we can all contribute, it's amazing. jodie thoroughly deserves that with that hard work she has brought in. everyone wants a gold medal around their neck, they don't care about anything else! best of luck, great watching you so far. we look forward
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to the game against spain, let's see if england can keep that momentum as they play spain in breda tomorrow. so england in good shape, but it's looking precarious for scotland down at the bottom of the group and well—behind on goal difference already. so a huge game for them tomorrow against portugal. this is the spa to study in rotterdam, the players behind me will be back here again in 24 hours to ta ke will be back here again in 24 hours to take on portugal. after the thumping by england, this is a match scotla nd thumping by england, this is a match scotland simply had to win. portugal are in the same boat having lost to spain, although ranked below scotla nd spain, although ranked below scotland they are not taking it lightly. we are not going into the tournament thinking england and spain are the only good teams. we know that. portugal and the right to be here, beating really good teams, and doing great results. in the
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qualifications. we have huge respect for portugal. scotland have been here before, losing the world cup play—off here three years ago against the netherlands, arguably in tomorrow night's match, there are higher stakes. a victory against spain will probably be enough to ta ke spain will probably be enough to take them into the knockout phases. but louise, you can pretty much start packing your bags before the game against spain. alistair lemond, bbc news, rotterdam. let's quickly bring you the latest from today's games. iceland, who claim to have the biggest support at the tournament, are taking on switzerland in group c. both teams lost their opening games so really needed a win to give themselves a chance of making it out of the group. iceland took the lead just after half an hour. ten minutes later, after some confusion in the iceland penalty box, switzerland equalised. and they struck again in the second half. france play austria a little later. monaco say they've agreed a fee with manchester city
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for benjamin mendy. the left—back will cost city more than 52 million pounds. it would take their spending on full—backs this summer to more than 100 million pounds after the signing of kyle walker from spurs. the football season is fast approaching. in just two weeks' time arsenal and chelsea will compete at wembley for the traditional curtain raiser, the community shield, and the two sides met in one of several preseason friendlies today. and in the birds nest stadium in beijing it was the champions who enjoyed a thumping win against their london rivals, winning 3—0. michy batshuayi scored either side of half time to seal a comfortable win. philippe coutinho showed why he's being linked with a move to barcelona by scoring a spectacular goal to win the premier league asia trophy for liverpool. the reds had to come from behind to beat leicester 2—1 in hong kong. crystal palace manager frank de boer claimed west brom players were trying to injure wilfried zaha during their asia trophy match in hong kong. palace won the third place play off 2—0 but de boer was unhappy with the challenges faced by his winger.
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goals from luka milivojevic and a deflected effort from bakary sako gave the eagles the win. and finally, england's women have won the bronze medal at the lacrosse world cup which concluded today in guildford in a thrilling match against australia, the scores were level at nine all at full time so it went to a golden goal decider and it was megan whittle who grabbed a dramatic winner for the home side, prompting wild celebrations. england have finished fourth at the previous two tournaments so you can understand the delight at finishing among the medals. that's about it, a quick update on our top story. chris froome will win another yellow jersey, another title at the tour de france tomorrow. jordan spieth leading the open by a shot. that's all from sportsday. there'll be more sport here on bbc news throughout the evening.
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if you are lucky you may have sunshine this evening but there are plenty of showers at there, an area rain lifting out to south—east england, across the midlands at the moment. overnight, it turns dry with showers and outbreaks of rain affecting parts of eastern scotland, the eastern side of england. some fog patches developing, overnight temperatures of 10—13d. fog not lasting long in the morning, a fine and sunny start but the club builds again and showers break out. it could be heavy with a rumble of thunder but sunny spells between. an area of rain pushing southwards across scotland, in the far north—west of scotland it feels pleasa nt north—west of scotland it feels pleasant and sunny spells capture the showers, they come down quite a bit. sunday evening and there are outbreaks of rain, inch and north—east england and on monday, hanging around yorkshire, the midlands and southern england.
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elsewhere, broken cloud, sunshine, feeling warmer. tuesday looking settled, but wednesday onwards, weather systems from the atlantic coming back in. more from me in 30 minutes. this is bbc news. great ormond street hospital contacts the police after staff receive death threats and online abuse in relation to the charlie gard case. owners of drones will have as trump commissions a new warship, his family prepare to face a grilling from the investigation into possible collusion with the russians during his election campaign. owners of drones will have to register and take safety awareness courses — due to growing concerns about the risk to aircraft. boots says it's "truly sorry" for its response to calls to cut the cost of one of its morning—after pills. also in the next hour:
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a grandfatherfrom east yorkshire wins £2 million in the world's most prestigious poker tournament.
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